Our trust is in God Almighty and His Son Jesus Christ, to bless RCA and that we would again grow to our capacity and full potential in order to make a difference in Randfontein to the honour of God. We want to be known as a Christian School that live according to the Word of God and laying the Christian foundation into the lives of our learners.

Mission Statement

1. Vision

Randfontein Christian Academy (RCA) empowers our learners with high academic standards and biblical values; provide quality individual modular education through the Accelerated Christian Education curriculum with the focus on the holistic development of the learners to the glory of God.



Character Development

About Us

The Randfontein Christian Academy (RCA) was established during 2010 and opens its doors on 24/01/2011. The school implemented the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) as the curriculum from Grade RR to 12.

The founder and Administrator of RCA is Pastor Gerrit Pretorius, presiding Pastor of the Apostolic Faith Mission of South Africa: Randfontein Congregation.

Dr Chris Ayres is currently appointed as Principal of RCA School from 11 January 2016.

Mrs Leonie Pretorius designed the School Logo with clarification and the meaning of each of the three parts within the logo namely the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, shield, the road, the wheat stem and the dove as she received it from the Lord.

Our Curriculum


Skillspro at RCA is a 40 - Modular series in the adult education and corporate training market. At RCA the curriculum for professional development.

Looking towards the future:
"We want to ensure that our learners at RCA are at the forefront of technology as they graduate and enter the workforce of the next century, and Skillspro is the computer programme we are using to ensure they get there".

Our learners, teachers and administrators within the Grade 8-12 grades are following the Skillpro programme.

Benefits of Skillspro Curricula - Learning Material:

After completing 20 Compulsory Skillspro Modules, ACE learners at RCA received 2 Credits. After completing 36 Compulsory Skillspro Modules, ACE Learners at RCA received 4 Credits = 1 Major Subject at ACE.


    To implement an IT program that teaches specific skills for:
  1. Teachers;
  2. Learners so the technology can become a purposeful tool for learning - empowerment.

Application Form

Registration forms are available at the school during office hours, 07:15 - 14:30 on Mondays to Thursdays and 07:15 - 13:00 on Fridays.

Fee structures for the different grades are available on request.

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